Apple Mc Book Pro and turning 40….

Something quite unexpected came up which meant I had in a sense some extra finance with which I needed to spend it on technology to do with one of the ministries I am involved in.

What does that have to do with turning 40?
Well I have for a long time been a stirrer of those ‘Mac Evangelists’ who seem to be in my wider social circle.

I have enjoyed throwing potshots from the corners of my safe Windows world.

No more.

As I turn 40 very shortly I was convicted to challenge myself.
Buying a Mac is only one of the ways, other more important ones including doing some work with ‘Theologians without Borders’ and some other more personal things.

But buying a Mac is the point of this post.

So far so good, things just work on a Mac…and I am really enjoying the clean sharp screen, the intuitive design and interface…and the fact that with Final Cut Express…rendering movies is quicker and better….

The other thing that surprised me was the fact I just plugged in my wireless 3 button scrolling mouse…and it worked..right click and all.

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