Too smart for their own good

some people…overthink things, stress out about stuff……

How does someone know you are a Christian?
Is it your theology?
Is it what you said, prayed once?
Is it the sawdust on your feet?

Or do they know we are Christians by our ….

Recently my wife went to the ‘Colour’ conference put on by Hillsong.
Someone was critical of her…said it was just another money grabbing conference.
Deluded fool.

The amount of love being shown by that church is incredible…social justices being made right….love being expressed.

They aint perfect…which should not come as a shock to anyone…but they are getting the love thing right….

When we come to Heaven Jesus wont ask us what our theological position was….He will ask us who we loved….

Don’t be too smart for our good…love someone….love someone in need.
(If you want to be critical of Hillsong you can’t comment here, thats not the point of this post, if you want to interact with the point of this post…feel free)

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