2-0 or 0-2

A tale of contrasting fortunes for our two team town.

How on earth did Michael Barlow end up at Freo?
He is a gun…its that simple.
Two best on ground performances, from a player no one else seemed to want…and now he plays for us, the Dockers.

Can’t really explain how it feels to watch the Dockers at the moment, but whatever it is, its enjoyable.
Having the Weagles lose their first two is just the cream on the cake!

4 thoughts on “2-0 or 0-2”

  1. I was trying to find out whether Freo had won the first two games of the season before, but couldn't.

    Hard to believe Barlow has been available for 3 or 4 draft years but no one picked him up. Apparently the Saints had a look at him.
    Also Silvagni played for the Saints VFL affiliate but wasn't picked up either.


  2. Think I might take my Freo strip out of mothballs and wear it proudly …. YEP I'm coming out!!! Might even organise a float in the next parade!!!

  3. Oh BTW

    Anyone heard the one that Fremantle won two games in a row?

    Nah, nah – no joke!!! It's true.

  4. are you hurting Mark? 🙂
    Worsfold under uncharacteristic fire at the moment for dropping Lynch. Nepotism in not wanting Slappo to lose his record? 🙂

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