My daughter turns six

My beautiful little princess turned six today.
Six years ago I was sitting in Joondalup hospital giving her a bath for the first time.

Nowadays she generally speaking dresses herself. In fact, unlike her brother, has very definete ideas about what she wants to wear. ‘Dad…that does not match”….dad…those shoes dont go with those pants!

Generally speaking she is right, and dear old dad is wrooong.
Soon she will be telling me what to wear, and being embarassed by me.
So for now…I am holding onto the love and affection she has for me.
At times it seems like a hassle to ‘come and say goodnight daddy, and give me a kiss”. Especially when I have got settled into the couch.
But I can’t not do it…its too precious.
I know, I realise, that times and daughters change. At the moment she could not be more precious, and I am going to enjoy every moment of her life I can.

And save up for the wedding. If todays ‘art and craft’ party with 15 giggling six year olds is anything to go by, this little precious girl is going to cost me a fortune…but she’s worth it.

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