Churches built by young people

This is a really good article.

Millenials are honest on faith

Basis of it is that young people are feeling isolated in their faith, while passionate and connected in their church, outside of church, not many of their friends can relate to their faith.

Mark Driscoll says this,
“Two, young people are committed to churches not built for them but built by them. Around the country young people are flocking to churches that have clear authoritative Bible teaching about real life issues, are lead by authentic leaders, include night services, use online social media, embrace technology, serve the poor and suffering, strive for community, encourage creativity, and allow young leaders to lead at the highest levels.”

This is what we are going to be doing at Inglewood Church as we look to start a second service, but not just as an adjunct, but a church in many aspects all of its own. It will come under our authority, and be resourced by us, but the direction and feel of the church will be driven by the young adults.

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  1. It's what we've done at Wynnum. 60% of our church is over 70, 40% under 55. So two fairly distinct groups.
    It's been a challenge helping the oldies to understand the need for a different type of service. Some of them don't get it.
    So good luck.

  2. I've been a part of a church where about 95% of the demographic was under 40. This was great as in it had an enthusiastic atmosphere and young people were being trained and the baton of ministry passed on. On the downside some people were just a little TOO zealous and ambitious, resulting in some people being pushed into roles they were not suited to and others became burnt out because they tried to do too much and the church lacked the wisdom of older folk.

    On the other hand, as a young person, I find it difficult when I hear oldies complaining about the lack of young people in their churches, but I know if I was to go there as their token young person, I would die spiritually. There is no passing on of the baton, no young people being offered ledership roles…the oldies control everything for fear the young ones will take over with their loud music. Then they wonder why their church is dying.

    I think the key is what you mentioned in your post…ownership. I don't care so much about whether my church has heaps of people my age, but I do want to feel it is my church, that I can contribute to it and I feel the church wants to move forward.

    All the best for whatever you decide regarding your new service.

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