Michael Johnson stood down

Michael Johnson plays for the Dockers, and has now for a number of years.
He is a family man, married, couple of kids…and is an understated player.
Not one too blow his own trumpet, he appeared to have his feet well on the ground.

Which is why this latest news that he has been found with drugs, cocaine, on his possession is so surprising.

The Club have acted swiftly and well, standing Johnson down until the issue is sorted out. And also been as transparent as they can be, even naming the player, which they did not need to do.

I hope that the issue is sorted out well, that the truth comes out, and whatever that is, that the issue is dealt with honestly, fairly and to the best possible outcome for all concerned.

It could not have really come at a worse time for the club in terms of playing depth. McPharlin, Broughton and Mundy are all going to be out for at least this week, and in the case of McPharlin, for a number of weeks.

Personally speaking, very disappointing……hope MJ gets it all sorted out to the best of his emotional, physical and spiritual health.

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