Friends in ministry

Met with a mate who is my best mate in ministry.
We have known each other since we started studying together at Seminary, and have been in a peer group now for over 15 years.
Other blokes have come and gone in ministry, and now we have a pretty tight and good peer group.
Both of us have had times, real close, where we could have left the ministry. And even know, in our worst moments, we think of it.
But both of us feel called to being a pastor, and probably feel we would not be fulfilled doing anything else.
Neither of us, by the grace of God, have ‘fallen’ in any significant way, but we have both made mistakes, and choices we regret. Thats part of life.

As we both look to the future and are now of years enough that we are thinking about the best way to use our next 20 years or so….we are both looking to push ourselves, personally and in ministry areas.

Sharing my pastoral journey with such a friend….is such a joy. Not a silly delirious joy (like the Dockers winning again!)…but a profound sense of peace.

Our peer group, in light of recent events, made a commitment to each other that we were in ministry for the long haul.
Sharing the journey in pastoral ministry is a source of strength and accountability.
Thank God for friends. He (God) realises we need other people to help us on this journey, as well as the Holy Spirit. No pastor is a lone ranger, and if they are….disaster often awaits.

3 thoughts on “Friends in ministry”

  1. Great post Mark

    It's impossible to achieve a lengthy & fruitful ministry journey without friends. Jesus threw the first christian ministers into a group for a few different reasons but surely one of them was the comfort of friendship & the strength is brings us

    On a completely diff note – how good are the Dockers?!?!?!

  2. Glad you called the Dockers winning a 'silly delirious joy' Mark 🙂 Good post. Friends are what have gotten me through the tough times.

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