Failure is common

Failure is common to us all.
Jesus failed
There was a town that He went to once where the scriptures tell us He could not perform miracles at. He was amazed at their lack of faith.
Now some might say that is was because of the peoples lack of faith that He failed.
And the scriptures seem to agree with that.
But the facts are the King of the Universe, the Creator of all things….could not do what He desired to do…heal and help people.

He failed.

Some might also say that this carpenter failed in that the people He came to save, and restore…rejected Him…in fact killed Him.

However we interpret these events….He did take on human form…and knew what the sting of failure felt like.

We all experience failure at some point…sometimes at length..sometimes for a season.
But….failure is not the end. Unless that failure drives us to bitterness.

Our response to failure is what is important…even failure of our own doing.
Where there is life…there is hope…where there is a new day…there can be a new beginning.
Don’t give up on yourself or your life. Things can get better.

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