Cooking for blokes

Its not that hard fellas….
You just follow the recipe.

If you can install reticulation, retune a carby, cut code, research a sermon, chop firewood….

you can cook.

Got a lovely Beef Ragout in the slow cooker. Perfect food for winter…and lovely brownie points with the wife….

3 thoughts on “Cooking for blokes”

  1. Well, I've never tried to install retic, can't retune a carby (damn you're old, what's a carby? lol), and I've needed stitches twice from chopping wood 🙂 But I can cook! Which sorta proves your point.

    (OK, I can research a sermon and cut some basic code.)

  2. Taste dot com John…is a great great site. seriously got everything on there!
    made some beautiful brownies from there the other day.

    Beef Ragout was sooo nice on a cold day.

    Alex… ha!

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