I am sooo enjoying James (the book)

It is such a confrontational book.

And I am really enjoying preaching through it at the moment.
Pastor Eliot bringing the message from chapter three this week.

The issue with confrontational preaching, is that you yourself get confronted with it!
But….when you get such a good response, as I did on Sunday, it is really encouraging.
People love to hear the truth, even if it confronts and challenges. As long as it is said with love and good humour….that is good.

Look at how Jesus presented the truth. He just gave it, but it was always with love and the peoples best interests….He is so challenging as a preacher.

2 thoughts on “I am sooo enjoying James (the book)”

  1. I preached a series on James a few years ago & looked at the book thru the eyes of James as Jesus brother. It gave an interesting context considering James had once thought Jesus was mad! Gives an interesting context to his words about the tongue!

  2. yes, I said that very same thing last week, about James being brother of Jesus, isnt it amazing that we see Mary and his brothers in the upper room praying!

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