James 5

Really really enjoyed looking through the book of James this past month.
Comes to the end this week as we look at James 5.
“James wants them to understand that their own life is not theirs to take. God holds their life in His hands…remember last week we spoke about our life being a mist? Ultimately life and death decisions are not ours…we are human, we are finite, and one day our time will come. But that is not ours to determine. And you know what, as Christians the responsibility and authority for our lives, we have given that to God, we submit to His will for our life!
This does take patience, something James implores us to have. remember James was Jesus brother. he had to learn patience eh? Grew up with Jesus, wondered what was happening with this strange unusual older brother he had, finally believed, and now he had to wait for Jesus to return. He knows about patience. Lord give me patience and give it to me now!
He uses the real friendly greeting, brothers, sisters.
James does not ignore their problem, or misunderstand their situation. in a few years time Paul the apostle has to plead with other churches to send financial assistance to the Jerusalem church because its members were starving, literally. where is God there?
we all have issues, we all have problems, but not having enough food to eat is probably up there…and why is not God helping with that, patience with God develops trust and faith.
focus on the big picture, take a long view…look forward to the Lords coming. “

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