Apple Evangelist, complete

Couple of years back I bought my HTC Tytn II.
Against a couple of friends advice, who said, buy an IPhone!
Why I thought?
The most important consideration to me was that it synced up with my calender on my PC.
Appointments are important to me. I don’t like to miss them, and I know my memory for detail is not great. So I need something which is going to help me.

The Tytn II had GPS, Internet Access and synced up beautifully to my PC. It also had a full suite of Office Applications.
It has been a great device and quality made as well, solid. I have lost count of the times I have dropped it, and it has remained intact.


A little while back I had bought for me my first Apple Product, MacBook Pro.
It has been a learning curve, but an enjoyable one, such an intuitive device.
And the HTC, while it does sync up, it does not do it natively.

My contract is complete, its time for a new phone.
IPhone 4 on the way. Will take a couple of weeks.
Will sync up nicely with my MacBook, and comes with 1 gig of free net access per month.
Will let you know how it goes.

2 thoughts on “Apple Evangelist, complete”

  1. Need I say you'll love it? The strength of the iPhone is the apps.

    Something to watch is that iCal to dos don't sync. I use Things which is highly recommended, but there are others that sync over 3G (Things only does wifi, BTW, it's Mac/iPhone only).

    So many others I don't know where to begin. Do resist the urge to download too many apps though, you can really waste lots of small amounts of money!

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