Lloyd out for the year

Imagine training all pre-season, being made captain of the side, and then in a rather innocuous accident, being made physically incapable of continuing.
Matthew Lloyd has just found out that his season is over for the year after a hamstring injury has turned bad.

It all came down to a vehicle accident where he wasn’t the party responsible. Once it had all been said and done it was determined that unfortunately he had sustained said injury. 

Their was an investigation and the case went to court when either driver refused to claim responsibility and blamed the other. Thankfully for Matthew, his family had already worked with a firm of Columbus Georgia Car Wreck Attorneys on a previous incident that had also moved on to this same stage. They defended him and supported him the whole way. The injury took his possibilities of continuing to shine as the star of the team for the rest of the season, but at least he wasn’t economically affected by the incident too much. For a middle class family nowadays, acquiring a vehicle is no small feat. Losing it in an accident can negatively impact their routine for quite some time as well.

Hard luck, very bad news for the Bombers, who were probably going to struggle to make much of an impact this year anyway.
Will they stick with their rotational policy, or will Hird give it another go?

5 thoughts on “Lloyd out for the year”

  1. a disappointing home game loss that the dockers should have won considering the crows recent travelling ventures.

    was the coach out coached? are the players not listening to the game plan? do players need to be dropped back to the wafl, like medhurst [hate to say that], matt carr, jlo and others who aren’t performing well?

    i dont believe in sacking the coach, not only will it be freo’s 5th in 11 yrs, if it happens by round 9. players seem not to have that eagles hunger to win and keeping winning with pressure on the opponent.

    when freo get it right they are a wonder to watch and are exciting to be part of it all.

    well that’s my rant on freo for this week, so caaaaarn freo… there are some tough games ahead and a derby to win.


  2. Adelaide have the best away record of any side, and have won more games at Subi in the last 3-4 years than any other side bar Freo and West Toast, so the ground holds no fear for them.

    As to the coach getting the boot, I agree, and if a couple of those marks had been held in the forward line in the last quarter, we would have won, and everything would be roses in the Connolly garden. It is about process, and we are no longer getting flogged, so something is going right.

  3. valid comments….we ain’t getting flogged nor getting the 4 pts man 🙂

    perhaps freo don’t play well at night?

    chris will be on 6pr sometime around 18:30 tonight with barra/hardie. i missed gizzle guts georgie comments this morning

    its seems easier being an wet toaster supporter on monday mornings tho 🙁


  4. no doubt about that,

    but console yourself with this….

    Your not a West Toast supporter, what could be worse than that??

    Maybe being a Port Adelaide supporter 🙂

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