Dockers have well and truly surpassed all my expectations for this year.
I would have been happy to have just had a good building year.
But this year we have finished 6th, and won a final.
Most pundits don’t give us a chance against the Cats on Friday….but I hope that Geelong are up to it in their knecks…and who knows…two teams go onto the field.

Either way I wont be questioning Harvey as a coach.

He was right about McPhee when I thought he was dead wrong.

He was right about taking the B Team to Tasmania….when many criticized him heavily.

And the coaching and recruiting team he has assembled around are arguably the most discerning team around…with the players we have picked up.
Barlow, Hill, Silvangi, Morabito, Fyfe……In fact in the game against Hawthorn, a vastly more experienced and some would say ‘tough’ team…Freo fields 10 1st and 2nd year players….and none of them looked out of place as we dispatched the premiers from 2008.

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