Jesus was not always nice

As I prepare to speak at Harvest Time Mens Conference this weekend…this is part of what I am sharing from Matthew 15
Jesus turns to them and calmy and nicely gives them an answer right?
No…quite frankly Jesus mans up, he is sarcastic, he is angry, and he puts it straight back on them, you bunch of hypocrites. you lot violate the direct commands of God. forget about some obscure verse, you lot dont honour your mother of father, instead you keep your money for yourself. Now what Jesus is talking about here was the practice of Corban. What the Pharissees did was use a manmade loophole. If you said that land or property was Corban, which means dedicate to God, you did not have to use it, to care for your mum and dad. but what happened was in the year of jubilee, you were allowed to keep it. So they would declare their land or property Corban, which meant they did not have to care for their mum and dad, and later on once they had died or whatever, they would claim it back and use it for themselves…and they were all doing it. Pretending they were religious and good, and all the time not giving a stuff about their own responsibilities.
And Jesus just nails them to the wall.

2 thoughts on “Jesus was not always nice”

  1. Interesting how Jesus was nearly always gentle with 'sinners' and humble, but no-holds-barred with the religious self-righteous.

  2. Kind of sounds like people today, leaving elderly Mum and Dad in a degrading institution to die while they work hard to own a big house and two cars and wait for the payload once the parents are gone. Selfish, selfish, selfish. I'm pretty sure Jesus said to "love one another" and "love your enemies". That surely would include familial responsibility to your own flesh and blood. Rant over.

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