At least we weren’t thrashed

Took my son and half my wifes family to the game on Saturday night.
Enjoyed the free coke they were handing out after the game.
The game itself was not that great, but could have been worse.
A lacklustre first quarter cost us the game, with Freo well and truly outscoring Premiership fancies Adelaide in the second half.
Some very dubious decisions by the Green M & M men did not help either. What had Grover ever done to deserve that treatment?

Pavlich looks sick and out of sorts, Hasleby looked sore.
Medhurst was having a great game right up until when he was moved from the forward pocket. Why oh why Chris did you move him?

Mc Manus was best on ground in my opinion and Farmer was not far behind him.

Adelaide looked tall and strong and used the flood very well.
There are a stack of ‘if only’s’ to come out of the game, but that’s life.

Roll on the Saints, stranger things have happened and we might record out first win at Aurora.

3 thoughts on “At least we weren’t thrashed”

  1. Now now Gareth, one loss against Port does not a season make.
    I think the Saints and Freo game will be a good one, and Freo need to win so I can celebrate my birthday in style.

    Someone needs to teach Reivoldt how to kick and the Saints would be unstoppable. And when they have finished with Nick, they can come and teach Polak,

  2. a slow start to the season is a good thing IMHO. all recent premiership teams have had pretty ordinary starts to the season so maybe chris has a crafty game plan after all

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