Docker Dave has a blog

Some of you from North Beach days might remember this bloke Dave Fallon
An old mate (not that he’s old, just haven’t seen him since the 80’s) now living in London, and a passionate Freo man, which automatically means he is a good bloke!
Check out his thoughtful and humorous blog.

Actually I want to add a little bit more thought to this post.
Reading through David’s blog reminded me that time does not stand still, even if we intersect various points in people’s lives. What I mean is this. Last time I remember David he was a humorous great guy, a good friend to spend some time with. But we were both about 12 or 13!
I remember riding our bokes home at about 9.30pm at night across Charles Riley oval, riding home from youth group.

The last time I remember seeing him was back in the early 80’s. Now as I am reading through his blog it is obvious he is an intelligent, well read person living a great life half way around the world. He has changed enormously, so my perception of him, while accurate for a time, is no longer relevant.

It is a reminder to me of how time really does move. What are we doing with our lives? While it is important to enjoy the pleasures of the day, it is also really important to me that I find significance in my life. Is this an ego thing? Or is it a God given desire?

Animals dont seem to care ‘two hoots’ about significance, all they care about it their next meal, and maybe reproducing. Maybe that is their quest for significance, reproduction. In fact I wonder if our quest for significance is somehow tied in with our spiritual dimension. Maybe God desires us to crave more than just the ‘base’. I suppose what I am arguing for is this.
Desiring significance in the spiritual part of our lives is not a sin. Desiring to be used of God for great things is not a sin.

The difficulty comes when the desire for self promotion is mixed in with the valid desire for spiritual significance.
But I dont want to be afraid of doing something ‘big’ for and with God, just because someone might tell me I am doing it for the purpose of building my own kingdom.

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  1. That’s so cool, I used to hang out with Dave at school and in Boys Brigade.
    I have similar memories to you about him. He seems to have grown up heaps and matured a lot. Which is natural, but it’s easy to think about someone only as you remember them.

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