Why Angry Birds works

For those who are coming in late….

Angry Birds is a game which you can download on your Iphone or Android device. It is consistently one of the top selling games and has become a cultural phenomenon. The basic premise is that some pigs have stolen eggs off some birds, who are now angry!
The idea is you catapult the birds, of various sizes, shapes, colours and abilities towards the pigs, who have stationed themselves in various strongholds, to try to destroy and kill the pigs.

Why has it become so successful, so quickly?

It is easy to play, but hard to master. Challenging, yet not impossible.
There are varying levels of success, you can defeat the nasty pigs, but getting them in one go is the key.

Its addictive, and fun.

The music is suitable, but not distracting.

Anyone can pick up the basic game in seconds, without any instructions, but after you have been going for a while, you find yourself looking for clues and instructions.

Its fun knocking over the pigs, who constantly laugh at you when you can’t get them!

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