Duffield in, Medhurst out

Well Duff has been named.
Channel Ten News, that most reliable news service (cough cough) reckon that Medhurst wont be playing. We will see Gossage.

Good to see Paul in anyhow, a tall skilled quick running defender. Just what we need to skirt around an injured Gehrig who will hopefully keep his “bible basher’ comments to himself this weekend. (Don’t you just loooove the yellow St kilda Jumpers??)

One thought on “Duffield in, Medhurst out”

  1. medhurst did well in the claremont game, i think he kicked 5 goals!! not bad for someone who hasn’t played with ’em for 5 years. he’d be pushing to get back in the dockers squad.

    go doc-dock-dockers… i’ve tipped them to win. interesting derby game next week

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