Corolla 1973 my first car

My first car was a 1973 Corolla Ke 26 not disimilar to this one. It was not in great nick. In fact there was a rusted out hole where the drivers feet go, that was covered up with some carpet. When you had some orange peel to throw out the window (to the birds of course!) you just lifted the carpet up, and dropped the peel through the whole. Eventually we sold it for $200 to some guy who said he was going to use it for parts.
I had some good times in that car, learnt that wet roads and gravel tracks and underpowered rear wheel drive Corollas went hand in hand for learning what a car does when its sliding.
It used to get driven to Scarborough High most school days, when I could afford fuel and prise it off mum.

3 thoughts on “Corolla 1973 my first car”

  1. My first car was a brown ’72 Ford Cortina. It was a very punchy 2 litre 4 cylinder. Back in those days I lived about 200 metres away from Scarborough High School.

    It got me all over the place, including to lots of youth concerts and events organised by your dad. I was the default compere for him for some time. He also had me cook on a couple of youth training camps back then. It all seems a hundred years ago now.

  2. Datsun 120Y. Don’t remember the year. I lived in Alice Srprings at the time so it didn’t get me out of town at all! I sold it cheap to a friend after it stopped working… they put petrol in the tank and drove it to Adelaide!

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