Sirengate shut

Fairplay!!! It is a game, and as a game we won fair and square.

“The AFL have declared Fremantle the winners of Sunday’s match against St Kilda and awarded them the 4 points” (

“The AFL has awarded Fremantle the win over St Kilda, with the league’s commission deciding after a special meeting on Wednesday that fairness must prevail.The AFL Commission met for more than four hours on Wednesday afternoon, hearing submissions from both the Saints and the Dockers”
Afl Statement

I think the elation of this true hard fought win is going to carry onto into the Derby.
Cousings is doubtful, Dean Cox has a sore ankle,


2 thoughts on “Sirengate shut”

  1. fantastic news.. i’m still staggered that they ruled in our favour as it usually feels like we get shafted whenever possible. however, i’d definitely trade it all for another win over the weagles.

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