Saints and the point of it all

Thanks to for this, apparently a real account of St Kilda’s history. Due for a reprint I think!!

6 thoughts on “Saints and the point of it all”

  1. Hey mate! Why don’t you take that baptist job that’s vacant, you got your points, so quit whinging!

    Be encouraged!

  2. No whinging over here mate 🙂

    And I think you would have to have a death wish to take that job.

  3. I’d also recommend the book “Heroes and Haloes”- Saint Kilda’s 100 best players. A throughly riveting read.
    I guess at least we’ve got 100 players to pick from!!

  4. I suppose I could probably come up with 100 best players from the Fremantle region that might mount a pretty good challenge to the St Kilda list!

  5. ahhhhhhh [russia of old] where posts are removed if you say anything against freofc

    for a less censored site where one can bleed their heart try;

    aside from all that… WHAT a derby WIN… for those who think freo supporters were booing at judd.. it was at the decision not the player… we believe josh carr with 3 goals and 26 possessions, jud went MIA after 3/4 time. and our players don’t leave the field when the opponent captain’s makes the speech to accept the trophy..

    we knocked off the team on top!

    phew 🙂

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