You little beauty

There is not much better for a Freo supporter than to beat the Toasters. Magnificent 4 quarter effort from the boys.
Special commendation to Schammer, Josh Carr and Pavlich.
Took my Weagle supporting brother in law along. We have never lost a game when he has attended with me. Even in that dark Drum season where we only one two games, the only game he attended with me was the Adelaide one, when we won!

I did not think we would win when Aaron did not come back on the ground. (Broken jaw from behind the play incident with Mark Seaby). I still cant believe we did!
The crowd was as loud as I have ever heard them, and I think gave the team a real lift, especially in the last quarter.
Talk about pressure on Hasleby, as he lined up for that kick, with what I now know was only about a minute left on the clock. What a legend.

Just a little note on the booing.
Carr or maybe Schammer deserved best on ground. Judd is an exceptional talent, and seems to be a good citizen, and an inspiring captain. His team certainly look out for him. However he went missing in the crucial third quarter, where Freo and J Carr really put the game away. He was part of the losing side.
The crowd booed the decision, not Judd. What he said when accepting the medal was quite humorous though, “Not a popular decision”
Glendinning has real issues with Fremantle and everyone knows it. For him to tell the crowd off is indicative of his arrogance.
We pay our membership, we go to the games, we suffer as passionate Freo supporters. If we want to boo his bias decision, we will. We were not booing Judd.
Also, very bad sportsmanship for the weagles to leave the ground during the trophy ceremony. Bet there is no mention of that in the West!

Purple shirt is being worn tommorow at church!!!!!
And Alex, if your lurking, here is reason number 11 why Freo are a better team that West Coast!!!!!

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  1. can’t wait to see this game.. you’re right about the sportsmanship of weagles supporters ie. it’s non-existent.

  2. Ahhh, Mark… I was looking forward to hearing you crow! And hope to see the purple shirt one day (when it’s thrown out due to unuse).

    Seriously… a hard fought win to the Dockers. Respect where it’s due, by some miracle the Dockers didn’t do their usual final quarter roll over and managed to push it to the end.

    I thought the booing was because Dockers supporters didn’t have one of their own to spit on, but anyway…

    and I’m not familiar with the politics of the game, but I did think that Judd receiving the medal was indicative of the tightness of the match. Dockers only go it in the last minute! Didn’t know the Eagles walked off during the trophy presentation.

    Yes, 6 out of a couple of dozen derbies is an excellent result 🙂

  3. yep a long reply….

    alex h, lets keep to the facts and to this century focus on Worsfold VS Connolly stats. now evenly matched.

    umpires favoured wiggles, against freo, but heck we still won the game.

    don’t care about the booing coz i couldn’t hear the speeches, perhaps it shouldn’t have happened – but lets not forget the boo’s bellie received at the last derby match when the wce won, sheesh.

    the good old western australian papers had to focus on that instead of the win. the sunday times had that poor ol sphie delezio on the cover of the early edition and then changed it to the judd anger edition as i have both copies… what does that tell ya.. its only a game at the end fo the day.

    the pa system wasn’t working from where i was in block 308 – subiaco oval officials if ya reading this GET IT FIXED!! bring on

    aaron’s jaw was busted by an eagles player behind play – love your work wce

    fact:dockers won the 1st derby of the afl year 2006 – let us enjoy it for hecks sake!

    the medal should have more non-wce reporters on the judging panel – glenndinning gave his points to j.carr the others gave it to judd. all most dockers members/supporters are asking for is an ‘even’ judging panel. even better – get rid of the medal..

    and for for laffs;

    docker supporters pls support a non-censorred site, where you can voice your real views & opinions wihtout being gagged;

    here are the stats;

    check it out yourself


  4. Thanks for your last comment Mark.

    I am gald the Dockers had a win. I am a Melbourne supporter myself though.


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