Change to wordpress and self hosted page

About three weeks ago I changed from Blogger to this new self hosted site, using WordPress as my publishing tool.
It has gone incredibly smoothly, and I would recommend it to anyone who is still persisting with Blogger.
Blogger was great for me. I could upload videos, pictures, and it allowed some creative license for template design.

However WordPress really is a better tool. Great functionality, SEO functions, many open source widgets and of course, whatever template you can design, with plenty of free ones out there.

I also signed up with Crazy Domains and purchased my own domain name, ‘markedly’ which is the name of this blog. I could not get .com, but managed to secure, which was a compromise, but acceptable.

Since the changeover I saw an initial drop off of hits, but now, I am averaging about 70 unique hits a day, with a couple of days hitting 100 unique hits a day, which is okay I reckon for this type of blog.

My series on ‘My Ministry Years’ has proven very popular, with about 60-80 people reading each post, and reading it…with the average stay on that particular page about 8 minutes. That indicates they have read it, not just glanced at it. I am aiming to be frank with those posts, but as I hit the next couple, will need to be careful.

I really enjoy this blog, it gets some thoughts out there, provides some great interaction, and I hope is helpful to people.

Some key recommendations if you are coming over from blogger…
Be patient, it takes a while for your internet history to catch up with you.
Keep your blogger account and blog. Put a link from there onto your new site.
After about two weeks, make it an immediate switch. What I mean is that there are ways for people to come direct to your new blog from your old blog, without having to even click on anything. Click on my old blog to see what I mean.

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