Cowboy Church

Now for something completely different.
Pastor Smith, who was a rodeo cowboy for 11 years, working professionally after he was a member of the rodeo team at Murray State, has planted not just one, but a network of ‘Cowboy churches’. He has earnt a rodeo scholarship and earned the rank of ninth best bull rider in national collegiate ranks.
Smith said God led him to start the church. He was pastor of Buchanan Baptist Church for five years. He is glad he was “a suit and tie pastor,” he said. That experience prepared him to be a church planter, he added.
Smith knows the “cowboy life,” he explained. He was called as pastor of Buchanan Church after someone heard him preach at a horse camp at the Land Between the Lakes State Park. He has done that for many years. He also breaks horses and has led tours on horseback on a hunting farm.

Their purpose statement is,
“Our Purpose is to Impact the Cowboy Culture With the Gospel of Jesus by Planting Cowboy Churches in Every County.”

Wonder what sort of music they do? I’m thinking Country and Western.
If you are after a belt buckle, they sell them for $40 a pop, and apparently demand is very high.

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2 thoughts on “Cowboy Church”

  1. I do tend to struggle with this homogenous unit principle approach. It makes great missional sense, but poor ecclesiology. There needs to be a point where we say there is neither jew nor greek, cowboy nor city-slicker. I’m not saying cowboys should conform to suburban Christian culture, nor that churches shouldn’t emerge out of that culture. But I do think there’s meant to be something more inclusive about Christ’s church. But hey, if he believes God’s told him to do this…!

  2. I wonder if it would work in our city.
    I dont see many of our churches actually having a target group of people.

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