Pretty Poor West Coast

A fairly insipid perfomance from our much loved (by the media) blue and gold tinged opponents up the road saw them scrape home against a much improved Collingwood. I dare say if Buckley had played, it may have gone the other way.

It was also fairly disgraceful to hear the cheers when Rocca hurt his shoulder, and the loud booing at their own players as well as Collingwood players.

There was also an unsavoury incident involving a inebriated female fan giving Didak a ‘wave’ with a certain finger, and Didak giving her a spray.

So much for all the fuss and vitriole given to the Freo supporters last week!

2 thoughts on “Pretty Poor West Coast”

  1. man… i tippped the maggies to beat the wet toasters thinking of the derby blues would have had them beat!!

    but alas the blues were on teh dockers this time around 🙁

    oh well we have our own 3 home games straight towards the end of the year which could help us out

    lets console one & another and thank the dear lord the crows are on top by percentage only… eek

    west coast eagles pty ltd proudly brought to you by the west australian pty ltd


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