Travelling with friends

Part of some peoples philosophy of leadership is to keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
This is sometimes applied to Church Leadership. There is a sense that you need accountability built into leadership structures so the Pastor is kept accountable.

Firstly let me say I totally agree with the need for accountability. Leaders in churches are charged with serious responsibility, and need to be accountable.

But there is something flawed in our thinking if we apply the same sort of culture in Churches which we apply to our politicians, in other words, “keep the B… honest”.

Churches should be places built around trust, not mistrust.

The issue for some has been that sometimes churches are not acting missionally.
If a church is acting missionally, it is up against it, because evangelism and real church growth is hard work.
Maintaining the status quo is not hard.

If results, in a missional sense, real growth, is measured and leaders are kept accountable for that, then that is in my belief appropriate accountability.

All this to say, I love journeying with friends on this missional journey of church life. We are a busy and purposeful church. There is lots of discipleship, growth, evangelism….mission….happening. We are too focused and challenged as a church to have time for silly squabbles. There is a real sense we just need to get on with it. Travelling with friends is the way to go if your church is like this, because we have enough challenges from the outside, without worrying about ones from the inside.

This morning my wife prepared the most amazing food and our 15 strong leadership team came over for a gastronomical feast, a few laughs…and lots of thanksgiving. To God…and for each other, as we journey together as friends.

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