Henry Blackeby and "Seizing the Divine Moment"

There is something about Henry Blackeby’s work that has always troubled me, and I haven’t known why.
Henry says, in a nutshell, look and see what God is doing and go do that. Fair enough. Yet although I cant disagree with it, it doesn’t ring true. Now, thanks to Erwin I get why, its because Blackeby does not go far enough.

“Yet I think its important to add that while God has been working in human history since He breathed life into Adam, there are many things yet to be done, and beyond this, many things yet to begu. There may be another question that needs to be asked beyond, “what is God doing?” and that is this: “what is God dreaming?” Is there something that God wants initiated and He’s waiting for someone to volunteer?”

Blackeby’s take on vision and leadership has also troubled me because of his basic premise. How do we discover what our vision is, if we are just doing what is, rather than dreamin what could be? As Erwin points out, we need to dream, to be inspired, to see what could be, rather than only what is. We need to move from being observers to practitioners.

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