Big Bad Leigh Brown

Great win by Freo yesterday.
Despite what the commentators are saying, I thought Freo showed real grit and determination to keep going despite the Roos tactics of flooding and tried to bottle up the game.

It is a little sad for me to see Leigh Brown in Roo’s colours. He was one of my favourite players at Freo. A real workman, lots of grit and courage.
Can’t find it in myself to boo or wish him badly, even if he is in oppositon colours.

Great win, and will be a real fight next week against Brisbane, who are playing much better with a thumping win over Port.

Good to see Matthew Carr in the side, who played his best game for the season yesterday.

Just one little whinge. Here is the umpires decisions for our games this year.
Frees for us listed first, against listed second.

Rd 1 Hawks: 14-15 (away loss)
Rd 2 Blues: 15-21 (home win)
Rd 3 Port : 17-22 (away win)
Rd 4 Crows: 17-17 (home loss)
Rd 5 Saints:15-27 (away win)
Rd 6 Weagles: 16-23 (home win)
Rd 7 Melb : 16-19 (away loss)
Rd 8 Roos : 12-21 (home win)

3 thoughts on “Big Bad Leigh Brown”

  1. maybe they should sdtop being dirty mongrels!
    geez, you’re teams winnning, you’re sitting high in the eight and you’re still complaining.
    I guess old Docker habits die hard hey!!!!!

  2. Most Dockers supporters are very well balanced, we have a chip on both shoulders!
    Having said that, those stats are pretty telling. Normally the winning team gets the most frees.

    I have been thinking about Grant Thomas today, and I think he is the worst coach in the afl. With the Saints list, they should have won a premiership by now, but may miss the eight this year!

  3. Ummm, what month is it? Oh that’s right MAY!
    Were just playing it cool until September.
    I’m still feeling safe about the song.

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