Pictures in the Park

Went well last night, glad we were not doing it tonight, with rain and wind forecast!
It was hot, and hot setting up.

But the main thing is there were about 250 people who rocked up, mostly non-church folk.
The volunteers and Pastors did a great job of setting and packing up.

The idea behind this event is so we can let people know there is a Church in their community who cares about them, and who wants to serve them. We set up a big screen, big sound, in a local park, put on a sausage sizzle and bouncy castle and show a family friendly and focused movie. You have to get a licence to show the movie, but that is not that hard. It costs money, but not too much that cant be covered by a donation. One of my good friends has a great set up with a screen on the back of a trailer which he lets me use.

The movie “Up is in my opinion the best animated film I have ever seen. What a moving story.
Look forward to next week.

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