My Favourite Car

Had 9 blokes turn up to mens group on Thursday, so to break the ice with the newbies I posed the question….which car was the best one you have ever had.

One bloke is about 34 and has owned 30 cars! Alfas, Fiats, Hilux etc etc…

The answers that came back were…. HT Holden, XC Coupe, Subaru Brumby, Toyota Supra, ZD Fairlane and a few others.

My favourite car I have even owned is the one I have now…But a close second was my Mazda Rx4 Coupe…which rumour has it could top the speed limit on a country road in second gear, and exceed the double ton in 4th…rumour has it.

We do some pretty stupid things as males in particular in our cars. And we waste a lot of money on them. Wonder if it has always been that way…have men done up chariots…or found the fastest horse before the internal combustion motor came along? Probably…..

Either way…every now and then I dream of finding another Mazda Rotary to play with….preferably the lighter more nimble Rx3 or a series one Rx7. But the reality would probably be far less desirable than the dream.

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