Real Men Don’t run…Joseph

Looking forward to this weeks message…
here is an excerpt…
“Growing up hearing about Joseph there was always something that confused me.
Why was he noble for wanting to abandon Mary at her point of need?
I never understood why the Scriptures called him a good man for wanting to quietly divorce her?
Why is that noble?
And I have to be honest I have heard a number of pastors speak on that and mention it a lot and never heard the answer….ever
Now I know there are lots of mature Christians who are here this morning and do know the answer…do know what the bible meant. So if you are one of those, please bear with me, because for me as I have prepared this message for this week…it has been somewhat of a revelation to discover the answer…to ponder…
This morning we are doing a character study on Joseph. we are going to listen to his story…”

One thought on “Real Men Don’t run…Joseph”

  1. Good question….

    The only answer I have heard from someone preaching it was that he could have made a public example of her as was his right (seeing they were not married etc) but he was willing to divorce it quietly.

    Let us know what you find through study etc

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