Pews going going …. gone

Its not easy to see how a Sunday Morning could get busier for a Pastor, but the one just gone was pretty full on.

I managed to secure a full page colour photo of my good self sitting amongst the pews which were for sale from our church. I got this ad for free as part of the unique items promo the Sunday Times Readers Mart puts on.

We are selling them because our Kids Program Toddler Jam has grown and grown and grown. We are now running it three days a week, and the third day has grown by a third in two weeks.
There may be a time soon when we need to put on another staff member to make it go five days a week, and expand into other children’s ministries.
All this growth has meant we need more space, and the pews take up too much room. So we have put on order 180 new stackable seats.

The phone started ringing at 10pm on Saturday Night, and is still ringing now, on Monday morning. I dont think its because we sold them too cheaply, we actually doubled the price we were going to sell them for when another church sold theirs in a day for $150 each. And theirs were more ornate than ours.
They were all sold by 1.30pm on Sunday, which meant I was selling them, instead of having soup with the rest of the church.

Yesterday was a great Sunday. I heartily recomend Andy Court to anyone that is interested in getting an artist in to do some ministry, he and his wife Sharon were great and adapted their style to suit our church. We had a coffee shop format with cakes and coffee half way through the service, once the kids had gone out. It was great, natural, and it was wonderful to see the people, including a number of visitors, mixing well.

4 thoughts on “Pews going going …. gone”

  1. You were selling on a Sunday? And in the Lord’s house? My goodness, where will it all end? 🙂

    (Good photo by the way.)

  2. hey markus… nice colour photo in the paper. perhaps you should update your webapge display pic with it 🙂

    how did ya score the ad? did the sunday times see it as an unusal item to sell? so it was a win-win situation for both of you.

    well done – you’ve sold the lot!

  3. I think I know who you are anonymous, email me if you want the whole story!
    but briefly, the ST are always looking for unusual items to show, but I also know someone…. its not what you know, but who you know.

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