I have blogged before about how a leader of a growing church needs to adapt to the growing needs and style needed for differing size of the church.

As I look to the next big step for Inglewood Community Church, I am starting to clarify in my own mind what changes I need to put in place.

That is not to say I have clarity, I don’t yet. In fact the next steps are not clear at all.
But perhaps God is allowing me to go through some fog to help me see, and really understand, that I do need time to ‘be still and know that I am God’. Its one thing to know that. Its another think to know that.

Had an interesting chat to someone today about adrenaline and stress levels. A Pastors day can oscillate widely during the day. For instance….one phone call can be a terrible one…death, tragedy, depression. The next could be a financial stress, the next could be someone needing to know what songs are being used on Sunday. Then you could be doing something technical, updating your website. The variance in a day is not boring, but it can be taxing.

I am not complaining, I love my job, and am privileged to do it. But for whatever reason God is causing me to reflect further on it….I believe so I can adjust for the next season.

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