Kangaroo fan suffering

In a follow up to my previous post about Laidley and a leaders responsibility.
This from The Australian
“The family’s “son and brother” was a “very passionate, long-time Kangaroos’ member and supporter. They stressed his death was not related to the “verbal exchange with Dean Laidley”.
“Andrew had been receiving support and counselling for depression. We hold no grievance against Dean Laidley or North Melbourne Football Club.”

I dont think Laidley did anything wrong at all. Sometimes as a leader you need to be frank, speak the truth and share your own feelings.
In this case Laidley did not know the whole story. He did not know this guy was suffering from depression, and probably went to the Footy as a release from reality, and felt even more depressed when his team lost. (As a Dockers Member I can relate!)
Neither do I as a leader know the whole story when I am speaking to someone. Even if I ask for it, I dont always get told what is really going on. It’s not easy, all you can be is honest to yourself and honest to God, because if you choose to be a leader, or even have leadership thrust upon you, you will be misunderstood.

Having said all that, the title of the post is “Kangaroo Fan suffering”. No matter what sort of group of people you are leading, you must be sensitive to what is going on for them, if you are to truly be a great leader. Not fake sincerity, not use them for your own gain, not help them for your own ego. Loving and caring for and leading people does bring you joy, joy that is far better than seeing them used under your leadership for your own purposes.

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