Having a personal relationship with God….

….here are some thoughts from this weeks message.

“We have the bible and that is almost perhaps a theological or intellectual framework for how we understand God.
Then we have an emotional reaction or understanding of God, and that is fuelled by such words as Father, Creator, Judge, Lord, Master…Jesus.
Perhaps we think about how we have been treated by our father, by our mother, by teachers, by authority figures in our lives…and we apply the emotions and how we feel about those people to God.
That is, at some points at least, not accurate to God. particularly if what we read in the Bible, its different to how we feel about God.
So the question for me is that all of us are meant to have a personal relationship with God. We should be able to explain the reason for the hope that lies within us…we should be able to explain to someone how we feel about God….. how we relate to God!
Can you do that?
Could you explain to someone what your relationship with God is like?
Is it a distant father son relationship…where you can never talk about something real?
Is it a teacher student relationship where God tells you when recess and lunch is? And for the rest of the time you have to sit there and listen?
What is God like to you?

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