Steve Harris is ripping the soul out of Fremantle, one piece at a time

Rick Hart loved the Fremantle Dockers. I met him once or twice. Even after a defeat to the Swans in Sydney he had time for a chat with a disappointed fan.

Steve Harris is something altogether different. He did not come from a sporting background at all. In fact before supporting Fremantle he barracked for the West Coast Eagles.

He has taken away the logo which the club has had since its inception, when I started supporting the Dockers.
He has taken away the four colours, our Port Heritage and uniqueness.
He is going to take away the song.
And now….he is going to move the club from its spiritual base in Fremantle.

He was not there in the hard years when 20, 000 or less fans turned up for one home win in the season.
He was not there in the pouring rain at the WACA where about 10, 000 of us witnessed Fremantle beating Port Adelaide. In fact he has not been there for any of the significant events that have shaped our history. He was certainly not there when about 10,000 fans marched from Fremantle to Subiaco oval to watch us be defeated, yet make the point that the heart of the Dockers is to be found in Fremantle.

And in fact….I wish he was not there now.

5 thoughts on “Steve Harris is ripping the soul out of Fremantle, one piece at a time”

  1. Spot on Mark, I’m suprised by us doing so poorly this year. I though finally getting rid of the anchor was meant to be feng shui smart and we’ll now be free to move forward.

  2. Our on field is up and down at the moment, woeful on the weekend.
    This is in a response to an interview which Harris did on the weekend.

    As a supporter of the corporate club Jermayn, I don’t expect you to understand.

  3. Hmmm Mark, listen to yourself…I suspect that if Steve Harris was a Pastor you’d call him a change agent and support his endeavours to change the symbols and songs of a community locked in the past. Maybe you need that holiday:)

  4. ha ha…..I have thought about that Terry. Problem is I would say he was a leader who had his own agenda, not the peoples best interests at heart, and had arrogantly gone off in a dictatorial style ignoring the needs of those he was meant to lead.

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