Isaiah 40.3

Listen, its the voice of someone shouting….

Clear the way through the wilderness for the Lord

Make a straight highway through the wasteland….

For our God!

The voice of John the Baptist, the voice of the prophet…Make way in your heart for God. Clear the wasteland, remove the shrubbery…the things that clutter your mind and your heart. Mark a way for God to come. Mark it with lights….make it clear…make the path easy for the King of Kings to come marching in.

Make it obvious you want Him to come…to flood your heart…for the River to flow into those dry parts, those parts you have hidden from the Spirit..those parts which are dry, red raw….neglected…that you know God needs to come and bring healing too…but from which you have hidden from Him.

Make a way for God to come…not that he could not…but that He wants you to make the path for Him to come through.

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