Zook gets protection

One of the much needed modifications for the Grand Vitara 2006+ models is some underbody guards. The original ones are hopelessly inadequate. The first time I took the Zook down the beach, the underbody guard lasted all of 5 minutes. Admittedly I did not have the lift kit at that stage, but even so.

There is only one place in the world that manufactures a proper kit, and fortunately they were happy to deal with me direct. (Giz International) I sent a money order to the Taiwan….and five days later the parts arrived. To say I was impressed with the quick delivery is an understatement. I was also impressed with the quality and fit of the parts. All the bolts and parts were there, sealed and delivered safely. The manufacturer had thought cleverly about how to make it fit up to original mounts, and no drilling was required. Furthermore, it came with all the bolts and allen key bolts you need.

The guard at the front replaces the pathetic two plastic ones.

Front Guard

Then there is a guard which goes over the transfer box in the centre, with a long section.

Transfer Guard Case

And finally there is a simple one for the back diff.

Rear Guard

I got a friend with ramps and mechanical nous to help me install it. While I could have probably done it, this friend was able to do it properly first time, and with the ‘beer’ economy, his help was not exorbitant.

4 thoughts on “Zook gets protection”

  1. Your underbody guards look great. I have a 2.4 litre GV and looking for some protection as well. How much did they cost and was it easy to buy from them.

  2. Send me an email through contact form, but yes it was very easy and inexpensive compared to buying them retail in Australia, I believe they fit the 2.4 as well but mine is 2.7 v6 so do your own due diligence

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