Zook gets a basket

When we travel across the Nullabor, we don’t want to have to tow our trailer. I have been looking around for a basket and bag for a long time, and eventually after asking someone on twitter, got this one at a good price.
It came with a good bag, that has straps on it to tie it down to basket.

Rola Basket

The price difference people charge for these things, even for the same product, is extraordinary. I recommend you buy from Auto Extra in Osborne Park and ask for ‘Nitin’. He gave me a better price than list.
The guy up the road (unnamed by me) wanted $500+…until I showed him the list price on the web on my Iphone. He then said…oh $50 more than list cause it needs brackets. I believed him, until when I went to Auto Extra, Nitin told me the brackets were included in the package, which they were. Everything fitted beautifully to the factory Suzuki Roof Racks.

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