Last Friday in the office before….

Fridays in the office at Inglewood Church are normally a hive of activity.

I have just finished Toddler Jam, done some banking and other administration.

The staff are getting things ready for Sunday….media, practice, music.

Youth Pastor getting things ready for youth group tonight, the new childrens guy working on activities. Associate and present Childrens Pastor working on music for Kids Band tonight…

Lots of noise, laughter and passion…as we all work on similar goals.

What a great Church and a great bunch. We have come a long way…and have a long way to go. Buildings to build, land to buy. Grants to get. Money to be raised. But who would want it any other way? Who would want a church without challenge, risk and big stakes? Not me. Who would want things easy? Not me. Because easy is boring. Easy means you are not trying.

But it is time for a rest. 3 months ought to do it.

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