Wednesday Midnight

Thats the time my beautiful wife heads of to Melbourne with her sister in the self dubbed “Thelma & Louise” tour. I have it on good authority that Brad is off with some other beautiful woman, so I think I’m safe 🙂

She is off on a very well deserved break, no husband, no kids, no Uni studies, no work.
And before you all think the Credit Card is going to get a hammering, she has saved up for the trip and done extra relief work to get over there. I am so glad she is going, she really deserves and needs the break. But it wont be easy not having her around for three or so days, especially since I leave for Sydney the day after she gets back! we have not spent a lot of time apart since we were married, and its never easy when we are apart.

One guess why I have included this image on this post!

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