It is your fault blokes

I get sick of hearing blokes whinge about their wife, marriage…and certain aspects of marriage.

This may offend, but in my opinion, the husband sets the ‘tone’ for the house. If he wants his wife to respond…he needs to initiate.

Case in point, if you did nothing nice or different for your wife yesterday, (Valentines Day) have a long hard look in the mirror…cause it is your fault she is cranky.

2 thoughts on “It is your fault blokes”

  1. Why should anyone have to wait for a day called valentines day to show how much they love others,just because someone made that day up!

  2. I have seen a lot of negative responses to this on face book mostly from guys. I would have liked to respond directly but there was no comments box option so it is here or nowhere.OK, I agree the attention grabbing headline is inflammatory and unfair ( particular to some cases of specific hardship) but stop guys (and girls) and look at what Mark is saying because he makes a valid point. However hard it is, it is each of our biblical responsibility to focus on being the best loving partner we can be. I would just add if you have valid issues about how your partner behaves don’t whinge, pray about it. Many more partners change through love & prayer than through whinging! oh and how bout posting some of your comments & concerns here & giving him a chance to respond.

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