If we lose next week against Essendon….

If we lose next week against Essendon, this season is gone, and Chris might as well try and find another club, because he wont be our coach in 2007.

Actually I’ve got to think that our season is probably gone already.
I hope they suprise me, but they are failing to play as a team.
Without Pavlich and Josh Carr, we would be sunk.

Haselby looks out of sorts, Farmer is out of form, and needs to be dropped.
Marcus Drum (pictured) made his debut, and sounds like he went alright, and Johnson was excellent, keeping Barry Hall to one goal only.

I have always been a big Chris fan, but I am sorry, I am starting to lose faith in him, because I think the players have. We actually have a very good list. What is the answer? I dont know.
9 games to go, and we will see what happens. Lets hope we can do something.

One thought on “If we lose next week against Essendon….”

  1. i too have lost faith in chris a looong time ago, however i will keep supporting my club. the management side of the club is another thing with schwabby as ceo, he’ll have a difficult task to sack his mate, but its business, not personal.

    if a new coach is not appointed next season i fear that pavlich will look elswhere when his contract is up for renewal for 2008

    some say our players aren’t up to scratch/overrated. next season we shall see.

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