Hillsong Conference Thursday 2006

I started off today with a Gloria Jeans coffee. Its not the best coffee in the world, and not my favourite, but there is one right near our motel and grabbing one for the train ride to Accer Stadium is great on these cold Sydney mornings. With not much sleep happening, its also probably necessary.

Bill Hybels
Here is the ‘big idea from Bill.
“What cant you stand? What brings tears to your eyes, what rises up a holy discontent within your spirit” This may be the area you should minister in. ‘
Another excellent and convicting message from a man who God has been seriously dealing with in the last few years.

Frank Damazio
Frank is perhaps a lesser known speaker to some of the others, but has a comprehensive book out on leadership. He is certainly on the more charismatic side of the church, which is fine by me, and challenged us to embrace the more spiritual side of leadership.
He said that spiritual leadership requires spiritual transformation.
Every idea needs anointing, needs spiritual empowerment.
Frank spent some time towards the end in ‘ministry’ by which he means praying for Pastors. It was a great time.
In his second session he said sometimes trials remind us of how there are times we cannot do anything but increase our faith and hope in God. Sometimes the trial is severe and we need to make a choice, to be bitter, or to grow in faith.
Frank also gave a stack of indicators of únbroken’leaders, 14 in fact.
One of the main indicators of an unknown leader is that they, “use manipulation to further their own agenda”.

Reinholt Bonke spoke in the evening session and was his typical energetic, passionate and clear self. He used the parable of the talents to challenge us to be faithful over the little.
Another interesting aside, when asked by a TV reporter what he thought of women in ministry he replied, ïf I was drowing, I would not care if I was saved from death by a man or a woman”

Tiring yet inspiring day today.
I have spent a lot of time tonight in prayer and intercession for some men connected with our church. I pray God will continue to challenge me and refine me.
This has been a wonderful time of impartation, refreshment and renewal for me.
One more day to go!

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  1. Great post Mark, these posts are really appreciated! Frank is a great and respected Bible teacher.

    Be encouraged!

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