Dockers and 720 ABC on a crackling radio

Stuck in Sydney on a Friday night?
Want to watch the AFL Friday Night footy?
Good luck.

Guess what time the game is on? 5am Saturday Morning. Unbelievable.
Stupid channel nine. If they dont want to show the game at a reasonable time, let Foxtel take it. That way I could go down to the local pub, find a small tv away from the big screen NRL playing, and watch by beloved Dockers.
Listening to Wally (in name and nature) calling the game is just not the same.

2 thoughts on “Dockers and 720 ABC on a crackling radio”

  1. I was there at the same sessions at Hillsong. I agree. Awesome.
    But hey, I live in Canberra and we get the 5am deal regularly. Except when the Swans are playing, as if they are all I want to watch.
    Have a great twelve months & maybe I will meet you at the next Hillsong!

  2. I would like that very much Geoff
    I met a lot of people at Hillsong, and it was so good to share what we have in common.

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