Why I respect Hillsong Church

1. They have built their own platform

This morning I was listening to one of the speakers on the Hillsong Conference Stream live. The message was simply, nothing wrong with it, but as someone with theological training I have to admit part of me thought I could do better. But then God revealed something to me. They have taken risks in faith, they have shown courage, they have seen God bless their simple faith. Something I could take a lesson from. The platform they have is something they have because of their faith.

2. They have endured

Many ministries come and go. The Hillsong Conference has been going since 1986 and the Church longer. There have been moments of perceived scandal, and plenty of negative things written about them. But they have endured. Many Churches have grown and imploded in that time. Their growth has been steady and strong.

3. They speak from the High Places

I have never heard a negative word about another Pastor or Ministry come out of Brian Housons mouth. One of the most impactful sermons he has given was one on ‘speaking from the high places’. Despite the barrage of criticism that comes their way, they rarely respond, and rarely critique others. They exhibit grace and forgiveness.

4. They preach Jesus

Along with many criticisms they receive is one that they don’t preach the gospel. They do. They sing about Jesus, grace and the cross and they preach it. Thousands have become Christians because they preach Jesus. Something that challenges me.

5. They have changed

The Hillsong Church of today has grown and matured. Theirs is now a much more rounded and balanced faith. There is now a great emphasis on justice love and compassion.

One thought on “Why I respect Hillsong Church”

  1. I am with you Mark. Got a huge respect for them. I remember when the Hillsong conference started many of the mainstream churches would not go. Now for many the Hillsong conference is a yearly staple. I also watch them on TV most weeks and agree on the other things too.

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