Michael Gardiner

The story in the West and splashed all over the TV News last night was all about the plight of West Coast Ruckman Michael Gardiner.
The West’s story this morning detailed his on and off field drama’s over the last few years.

Michael set out last night to grab some late night takeaway in his V8 Commodore. Only problem was Michael had been consuming Vodka, was drunk and smashed his car and two others.

This is a sad story for many reasons.

Michael is a very talented player. Many Aussie blokes would love to have his talent.
Michael has thrown it away because of one foolish choice after another.
It has come to light that this was his chance. He had six weeks during Cox’s abscence to prove himself, and with Cox out, and West Coast’s excellent midfield, he could have done it.

Instead he has made another foolish decision. What is perhaps more worrying is his lack of responsibility about it. He claimed he was not drinking, and had not done much wrong.
Unfortunately the blood alcohol limit was well over .08 and his own teamates and coach expressed their view that he had let the side down badly, which he has.

There is a distinct possibility Michael will not be covered by insurance if found guilty of driving under the influence. This will cost him a considerable amount of money, in fixing his own car, and two others, as well as court fines.

I feel sad for the young man, who at 26, had the world at his feet. With one bad decision he has hurt himself and set a bad example for others.

Lets hope he can turn it around. With just a few good decisions that is possible.
Get stuck into his footy at Claremont, pay his bills, face up to his responsibilties. With all the terrible stories of young Aussie males harming themselves intentionally, lets hope Michael seeks help.

3 thoughts on “Michael Gardiner”

  1. perhaps finding himself a good down to earth lady will assist.

    interesting we didn’t hear capt judd come out to support his teammate. instead we heard, the coach, the chairman, the ceo and ben.

  2. i have started to feel for ‘charlie’ gardiner. the guy could have been anything with the incredible amount of talent he had/has but he has wasted it. i wish him no ill (esp when he’s playing for the mighty tigers) and hope he manages to turn his life around.

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