We are made to be creative

The wonder of a beautiful sunset. Different each day.

I was talking to my friend who is a graphic artist. He entered into his uni course full of enthusiasm for having a job creating wonderful art. My friend ended up in his first job arranging the car photos in an auto trader style advertisement. Week after week…..drudgery.

Is there any wonder that there is so much music, literature…art….in the world.

Our God is a wonderfully creative God. He has made us to be creative, to have that wonder of discovery, and creation…till the day we shuffle off. When we deny that, when we settle for the mundane, the boring. When we think we have nothing creative to offer, something in our soul dies.

What creative pursuit can I enter into today? Do I worry it wont be acceptable to others? If you saw my dancing, you would agree. But not every aspect of my life is as uncoordinated as that!

Some of the ways I amuse myself are cooking, video making, graphic design. None of those endeavors are going to win me any awards. But at my best I like to think some of God’s creativity is reflected in mine. I am sure the same is true of everyone.

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