Thrown away my Bible, Diary, Notepad, Mobile Phone etc

My good friend has just given me an O2 XDA II Device.

Now I have actually thrown away my diary, literally, it is in the bin. And my wife has been given my mobile phone, and I still have my well worn NLT Bible, and so the title of this post was meant to shock, more than be accurate (I should work for the West).

But what a brilliant device this is. It has a great system, good memory with an exapandable slot, good media player (listening to Delirious at the moment) and I have also downloaded E Sword to it (Bible Program).

I used to think people with these devices were just propeller heads, maybe they still are, but it really is useful.

(PS Michael Bullard, you really should get one, it will save you lugging that desktop computer around and pretending to everyone it is a laptop. The battery alone needs its own trailer)

6 thoughts on “Thrown away my Bible, Diary, Notepad, Mobile Phone etc”

  1. markus – truly? you impressed with it? have been thinking of getting one of these all-in-ones gadget. whats the phone like? bulky to handle and use as a phone?

  2. Have had one for a while now, and you get used to the size (no big deal really it is mostly an image thing – worried more about how you look talking to a pda)

    even if you don’t use all the features having the phone pda contacts and diary all in the one gadget is fantastic .. as are the features where the windows media player gets quite a bash on mine (audio – ie ipod and short video).

  3. Welcome to life as a ‘propeller head’ Mark. Fun, ain’t it?

    I don’t have a smart phone, only a PDA. I know that Palm makes a very neat unit (Treo) in either Palm or Windows Mobile configuration. What you get depends whether you want a phone with PDA, or PDA with phone, if you get my drift.

  4. Having a media player is great, just about to get a 512 memory card, and get a bit more serious with the music side of it.
    Now I need to update my car stereo so I can take advantage of it, especially with long trips with the kids.

    The Phone is great, almost as easy to use as my Nokia 3510, but it holds a lot more information, more readily accessed.

  5. That’s twice this week someone has mentioned my “power supply.” Why change it? It’s far more influential that me. . ..


  6. maybe a bit late. but u probably don’t need to update ur car sterio. there are devices called FM transmitters, u can buy specific IPOD ones, but Belkin has a great device which plugs into the headphone jack, and then transmits the music out over a pre-set FM frequency.

    All you do is tune your car radio to the station, and groove to the tunes!!!

    The XDA II is a great unit. I have 35 of them at work, which we are currently rolling out as wireless data points for on the road RACQ repairmen.

    Great stuff.

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